____Missionary Baptist Church 
                                        Lake City, Fl
"Where the Lord is Blessing us to be a Blessing to Others"

    Fellowship was started around March 1890.  It was started before then, but the first building was done around March 1890.   The first church was a wooden frame church, smaller than where we sit today.  In the early 1950's the block building was built around the wooden frame, which was then torn out.
When Fellowship was originally built the road was on the east side of the church, and the church was built right side of the road.  That's why the church sits where it is today.  In the early 20's the road was moved to where it is now.  This is why the church sits so far off the road.  The reason the church was not moved when the road moved is because the parking area today was nothing but woods.  Clearing the trees was not feasible at that time.  So, we had to get to the church from the old road.
When the woods were still there, there use to be a lodge for the Sunday Morning Band.  For those who do not know what a Sunday Morning Band was; it was an organization that helped people with burials.  Then they came out with what we now call Pallbearers.
The land was cleared in the mid 60's.  Before the new entrance to the church was developed, we had to get to the church on the west side of the graveyard between the graveyard and the school.  There use to be a school called Fleming School where the Lofton Graveyard sits today.  When the school was closed the Lofton family brought the property and made a cemetery out of it.  So there was the school, then our cemetery, then the church.  This property was given to the church by Dec. Spriggs Fleming as well as the property for the school.  That's why the school was named Fleming School.  As a matter of fact, all the land out here was black owned, except for three families that were white.  Birley Farms (the 2-story house just off US90 across from Birley Ave.), Charles Perkins and Paul Jones were the minority, all of the other property was owned by black families.  In the late 60's the dining hall was built.  The Annex along with the indoor bathrooms was added in the early 70's.  We use to have a well that we got water out of, we didn't have a pump.  
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church was once a part of the First Central Association.  We left First Central because we were working on additions to the church.  We then joined Suwannee River Progressive Missionary Baptist Association in the late 50's.  
     Previous Pastors to our recollection were Rev. Emmanuel Ross, Rev.  L. Washington, Rev.  K. C.  McKinnon, 

Rev. James Ramsey, Rev. Gandy, Rev. Melvin P. Wintons, Rev. Edward Armstead, and leading us now we have

Rev. Wyndell Brenard Wallace, Sr.  During Rev. James Ramsey and Rev. Gandy's tenure we would hold morning and afternoon services on the first and third Sundays.  Previous Deacons to our recollection were Dec. Spriggs Fleming, the Griffin Brothers, Dec. Bill Livingston, Dec. Wiley Richardson, Dec. Jessie Freeman, Dec. Nathaniel Fleming, Dec. Tom Davis, Dec. Henry Alford Curry, Dec. Charlie Jack Whitfield, Dec. Robert Johnson, Dec. Randal Jackson, Dec. James McGuire, Dec. Willie McGuire, Dec. Leo Edwards, Dec. Moses Cooper, Dec. Willie Kendrick McGuire, Dec. Willie James Kelsey, Dec. Hardrick McGuire, Dec. Hayward McGuire and Dec. Glenn Williams.  
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church known as the little white church up on the hill, this is our history.